Enable Minimum Package Weight Option


Most carriers require minimum package weights when shipping items. Some of them will return an error if the minimum package weight is 0. With Connected Business, you may set the minimum package weight through the use of the Default.MinimumPackageWeight shipping configuration. Take note that that package weight is set in pounds(lbs) as the unit measure.


  1. Go to Setup > Shipping Configuration button. The list of shipping configuration will then display.
  2. Search for Default.MinimumPackageWeight on the list of app config.
  3. Set the Value = X, where X is the minimum package weight set by the user. e.g. 0.5
  4. Click Save and Close button from the menu.
  5. From the Shipping module, select From SO or From INV button from the menu. The list of sales order or invoices will then display. Please refer to Shipment Transactions to process any shipping forms.
  6. On the Carrier Specific section of the shipment form, you may view the minimum package weight.

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  • Friday, 12 October 2012