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The Connected Business Express Edition is a Fully Unified (ERP / CRM / eCommerce / POS) eBusiness Platform designed to help small Distribution, Manufacturing, eCommerce and Retailers increase sales and operate more efficiently.

Below are links to download the Connected Business Express Edition as well as links to help resources to get you going. Let's start...

First, Will You Only Have A Single User?

If you only plan on using the solution in a single user enviroment and do not plan on using the eCommerce or Point of Sale components, we have created a very simple "Connected Business Express Edition" you can download here: CB Local Edition Download Link. The benefit to the Local Edition is that it is a much easier installation process.

Second, Consider Our Professional Hosting Option And Simply Your Life.

Want to focus on growing your business without the worry of your information technology needs? If so, we strongly recommend that you checkout one of our private cloud options. With our private cloud option we will setup all the Connected Business server components in your own private cloud so you're all ready to go. Click here to view our affordable private cloud plans and use code "free-setup" to waive the setup fee (expires in 10 days).

Self Hosting Instructions

Note: Please See Below For Releases Previous to 19.1

Connected Business Express is a powerful "Client / Server" solution that is based on the powerful Microsoft .NET and SQL Express platforms. Although we have tried to make the installation of Connected Business Express simple and straightforward, it does require some technical expertise to properly install and configure. 

The Connected Business Express Server Installer:

The Connected Business Express Server Installer contains all of the server-side components of Connected Business and is designed to be installed on your server or web server. For the server components, we recommend a proper server running the Microsoft Windows Server software (2012 or later). For performance, we recommend that your server use a fast SSD hard drive as it will allow the program to access data 500%-800% faster. The server installer can be download here:

Server Side Download Link

The Connected Business Desktop Installer:

The Connected Business Desktop Installer contains the Connected Business Desktop application and is required to access the core solution. We recommend that your desktop computer (Windows 8 or higher) use a fast SSD hard drive as it will allow the program to access local “cache” data much faster. The desktop installer can be download here:

Connected Business Desktop Installer

Getting Help

Installing the Connected Business Express Server can be complex, so we have created a step-by-step lesson on how to install it in our setup and implementation online course. You can enroll in the course for free at: https://mycb.university/implementation/courses/2-implementation/view

If you find that you are having a hard time installing the server portion, feel free to post a question to our community at https://mycb.university/forum and we’re sure someone will jump into help you out.

Getting Started

We have created a simple QuickStart video that shows a very basic set of Connected Business and the website (in less than 20 minutes). This is a great place to start. You can checkout the video here - https://vimeo.com/315771967

Once you have Connected Business installed, then the next step is to set it up. We have a Free course available that will take you through the setup in great detail. You can enroll in the class at https://mycb.university/implementation/courses/2-implementation/view.

Once enrolled, the course will step you through the new company wizard. Setup can vary from very easy to very complex depending on the workflow of your business. For those with complex needs, we have a global network of Partners available that can help you plan your Connected Business implementation the configure Connected Business for the exact needs of your company. Please contact our sales team for details.

Thank you and welcome to the Community!


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