The Connected Business Community Edition is a free Unified Business Management Solution designed for companies that need a strong foundation to grow their business.

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The Connected Business Community Edition is a client / server application so the installer is broken into two files - the server installer and the client installer. Generally speaking, the server installer contains all the components, services, and tools needed to allow Connected Business to interact with the outside world (i.e website, web services, email services, eShopCONNECTED services, etc.) while the client installer includes the local desktop application that allows local users to login to the Connected Business server.

The Connected Business Server Installer

We understand that 1) the installation and setup of the Connected Business server can be a challenge and 2) you may want professional server hosting for your Connected Business instance (and website), so have have partnered with Epcom hosting to offer cost effective Community hosting plans starting at only $50/mo. You can learn more about Epcom hosting here:

If you want to install the Connected Business server in your own environment, we recommend that you use a proper server running the Microsoft Windows Server software. We also recommend that your server has SSD hard drive as it will allow the program to access data 200%-500% faster. Click here to learn more about Connected Business performance 

Once you install the server components, you will need to install the client application on each of your workstations. It is important that the client be the same version as the server.

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Online Training Resources

Connected Business is a enterprise class unified business management solution designed to replace your current ERP, CRM, eCommerce, POS (and more). Because of the breath of the Connected Business solution, it can be rather complex to implement and setup. We highly recommend using one of our certified implementation partners that have been trained and are experienced in helping companies like your successfully migrate to Connected Business. The certified implementation group can be viewed here.

For companies that want to setup and implement Connected Business on their own, we have created a free training class that will take you through the process "step by step". You can register for this free class here.

Online Help Resources

While Connected Business does not officially support the community edition, we have created a number of resources to help community edition users to be successful. Many of these resources can be found here in our online University. Within the Connected Business University you will have access to our community forum where you can ask questions to other community members.

Welcome to the Connected Business community!