Najeeb Siddiqui wrote: Dear Team CB,
Is there a way to issue items to a customer on a trial Basis (Client  Approval / Client Check on Site ), let us say that the customer wants to check the item Specs at the installation site or wants to make sure that it is a 100% fit in terms of installation at his/her Property and wants to take the items out of our store. Is there a way to issue a document to acknowledge this.

We usually create a Hand Written Note for this purpose, is there a way to do that in CB .   in Certain software this function is called ( Material Supply for  Approval ) 

My suggestion would be to follow this procedure:

(1) Invoice the customer with future payment due terms (name could be "Material Approval") or the Source field could be set to "Material Approval" or a custom field could be added.  In case they don't bring the material back, they need to pay for it.

(2) Issue an RMA which you can use for tracking if they bring it back or not.  If they bring it back, you can process the RMA and credit.  If they don't bring it back, you can void the RMA.

David Nelson
Dynamic Enterprise Technologies Inc
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Seattle Washington USA