Weighing Scale Integration

This article talks about the integration of weighing scale in the Shipment form of Connected Business.

Connected Business now gives you the ability to automatically determine the weight or mass of an object directly from the weighing scale to the Shipment form.

With the integration of the weighing scale to the Shipment form, the system reads the weight of the shipment from the device and automatically indicates the weight in the Shipment form.

Currently, the supported weighing devices are the DYMO Portable Digital USB Shipping Scale S100 and S250.

Automatically Get Shipment Weight From Weighing Device

To get the shipment weight,

  1. Connect the DYMO device to your workstation.

  2. In the Connected Business application, open any SO or invoice ready for shipment. Go to Shipping module > From SO / From INV. The Shipment form will be displayed.

  3. Place the shipment package on the weighing scale and click Read Weighing Device (F3).

    Click Image to Enlarge

  4. The system will read the weighing device and indicate the weight (in lbs) of the object in the shipment form.


  • Thursday, 25 July 2013