UK Payroll / HR

UK Payroll/HR Module is integrated into Interprise Suite through the Connected Business Platform. If you want to view the feature list, refer to UK Payroll for Interprise Feature List. Sign Up for UK Payroll/ HR Service For instructions on how to sign up for the UK Payroll / HR Service, refer to the UK Payroll for Interprise Registration Guide. If you want to sign up for the Telephone Support Service, refer to the Telephone Support Agreement for the instructions. User References You can refer to the following PDF manuals on how to use the UK Payroll/HR module. Getting Started. This guide will help you get around the UK Payroll Module. Refer to UK Payroll/HR Quick Start Guide. Set Up Employees.  This guide will help you set up your employees in the UK Payroll Module. Refer to Entering Employee Data in Interprise manual for the set up instructions. Link Nominal Ledger. This guide will help you link your payroll calculations to the nominal ledger prior to running the Payroll Module the first time.  Refer to Nominal Ledger Link Guide for the linking procedure. Run Payroll. This guide will help you run and re-run the UK Payroll Module. You can refer to Running the Payroll Guide for the instructions.  
  • Monday, 23 September 2013