The Database Management Console (DBMC) manages the Connected Business databases locally. It is installed in the server where the demo or company databases is residing.


To run the Database Management Console,

  1. Open the DBMC Connection window. Go to Start > All Programs > Interprise Solutions > Connected Business 13 > Tools > Connected DBMC 13. The DBMC Connection window will be displayed.

  2. Connect to the server. Provide the Server Name and SQL Server Instance Name. Select from the list of instances or type in the SQL server instance name installed in the machine.
  3. Select login authentication (Windows or SQL Authentication).
  4. Click OK to connect to the server. You will see the list of Connected Business databases.

    DBMC Database List

    • Old version databases (company and demo database alike) in the list appear in red text and are marked by “ready for upgrade” (see above). You can use the Upgrade Database utility to upgrade old version company database as well as the demo databases. See also: Upgrade the Database
    • Uninstalled demo databases are not removed from the list but are indicated with a “Not Installed. Reset this database” note. You can use the Reset option to rebuild the demo database. See also: Reset the Database
    • Databases that have a different collation with the server are listed in the Collation Issues folder. To view the options, the database collation has to be changed into the collation that is the same with the server. The Database Management Console provides an option to change the collation as needed for the database. See also: Change the Database Collation




  • Monday, 15 October 2012