Inquire Shipping Rates


Shipping rates from different carriers can be viewed through the Rate Inquiry button of the Shipping module. You may choose from the different options obtained from the various carrier rates; choose the fastest delivery or the cheapest one to help you deliver the items directly to your customers in a timely manner.




To inquire shipping rates from the carriers, you may do the following:

  1. From the Shipping module, click on the Rate Inquiry button under the Tools menu page group. Or, you can also click on the Rate Quotes button from the shipment window. Any of these methods will display the Shipment Rate form.
  2. Fill out the details under the Carrier and Package Information section. Required fields are: Warehouse (Ship from)/Customer (Ship to), Country, State and ZIP.

    On the Ship from Section, you can manually setup the following fields from the Inventory module > Location > Find Location.
    On the Ship To Section, you can choose which of the following fields you would like to inquire rates for.

  3. Click the Get Rates button to generate the service rates from the selected carrier. You can view the result of your inquiry under the service rate details section. Click OK. You will then be returned to the shipment form.

    If you want to view all rates from each carrier type, you may click on “Show All Rate” checkbox to compare prices between carrier type and carrier services.

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  • Friday, 12 October 2012