Getting Started with Connected Warehouse

To maximize the usefulness of the Connected Warehouse App, you first need to set up your company's account through the Connected Business Software. Consult our Support Center to get you started.

Connected Warehouse is available for download through the iTunes App Store. The application works with the iPhone 4 and iPod Touch 4th Generation

Configure Hardware for Connected Warehouse

Like the rest of Connected Business products, Connected Warehouse can be easily configured to functions seamlessly with a wide range of peripheral hardware. Relevant products that can be synced with Connected Warehouse include:

  • Bluetooth Barcode Scanners
  • Printers for Picking Tickets and Labels

To learn which product types are compatible with Connected Warehouse, consult our online documentation.

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Set Up New Connection

After you have successfully downloaded the app, click on the Connected Warehouse icon to view the landing page. Tap the icon at the upper right corner of the screen to open the Connection screen.

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This page allows you to connect with your existing Connected Warehouse database. The connection screen includes a Demo Server that you can use to test the interface before you integrate the app into your workflow.

To create a new server connection, tap the Add a Connection button to create a new one.

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Enter the name of the new connection and input https://localhost/CBPOSSVC15. Tapping the arrow button allows you to save your changes before going back to previous screens. The remove button at the bottom of the screen erases a specific connection from your list of server connections.

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Once you have established a new connection, log on the app by using the same admin credentials that you use to access your account in the Connected Business software.
The Connected Warehouse landing page contains icons that differentiate between nine (9) different warehousing, inventory, and shipping tasks:

  • Pick
  • Pack
  • Ship
  • Receive
  • Stock
  • Adjustment
  • Transfer
  • Physical Inventory
  • Bin Inventory

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Swipe up or down to view all the relevant features on the landing screen.

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Configure Warehouse Settings

To configure the various settings of Connected Warehouse tasks, tap the icon at the upper right corner of the landing page. On the drop down menu that appears on screen, tap on the Settings button.

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The settings page lists the different configurations that you can update to serve your workflow better.

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The setting for Workstation ID determines which warehousing location is using a specific mobile device, while Default Location determines which retail or selling channel the warehousing system is serving.

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The configuration settings for the different warehousing functions determine the different actions that complete a warehousing task.

The image used as an example below is the configuration screen for the Picking feature.

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You can toggle the setting between Yes or No for some options, while others require you to choose from a dropdown menu. Clicking the arrow button at the upper left part of the screen automatically saves your choices.

Tapping on the different setting options will enable you to configure the setting for various app features.

  • Monday, 27 October 2014