FedEx Saturday Pick-Up Configuration

This article discusses how to disable the FedEx Saturday Pickup Service in Connected Business.

Some businesses operate even on a Saturday, and normally, shipping carriers charge higher rates on Saturday pick-ups than on regular weekdays since Saturday is not considered to be a business day.

If your customers purchase online, and it so happens that their order is scheduled to be picked-up on a Saturday, they may think twice about purchasing your product as the shipping rates are higher compared to the shipping rates on a regular weekday.

In Connected Business, you have the option to disable the FedEx Saturday Pick-up Service and have the system schedule the pick-up for shipments on Monday instead of Saturday.

Disable FedEx Saturday Pick-Up Service

To disable FedEx Saturday Pick-up Service in Connected Business,

  1. Go to Shippng module > Setup > Shipping Configuration and the Shipping Configuration window will be displayed.

  2. Search for FedEx.SaturdayPickup shipping configuration and double click on the configuration name to load the details.

  3. Select the warehouse where you want to disable the service.

  4. In the Value field, set the config value to False.

  5. Click Save and Close to apply changes.
If you want to compare the rate difference, go to Shipping module and click on the Rates button to get a list of rates from your shipping carriers. See sample images below.

To get real time rates for Saturday Pick-up Service from FedEx, make sure that your system date is set on a Saturday.

FedEx.SaturdayPickup = TRUE

The image below shows the rates of FedEx services if the pick-up is scheduled on a Saturday.

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FedEx.SaturdayPickup = FALSE

The image below shows the rates of FedEx services if the pick-up is scheduled on a Monday.

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  • Friday, 10 May 2013