FedEx Home Delivery Configuration

This article discusses how to disable FedEx Home Delivery Premium Service in Connected Business.

If you are using FedEx as your carrier and set Ground Home Delivery as the shipping service type for your shipping transactions, the FedEx Home Delivery Premium is automatically set as the default special service used by FedEx in delivering your shipment.

If FedEx Home Delivery Premium is used, FedEx holds up the package at a hub for your customers to pick-up when they are not around to receive the package at the time it was delivered to their address. This kind of service sometimes causes an inconvenience to your customers as they need to take some time picking up the package rather than having it delivered.

In Connected Business, you can now disable the FedEx Home Delivery Premium service and opt to use Ground Home Delivery service only or use other special services by FedEx, if preferred, in shipping your products.

Disable Home Delivery Premium Service

To disable FedEx Home Delivery Premium service,

  1. Go to the Shipping module > Setup > Shipping Configuration and the Shipping Configuration window will be displayed.

  2. Search for FedEx.HomeDeliveryPremium shipping configuration and double click on the configuration name to load the details.

  3. Select the warehouse where you want to disable the special service.

  4. In the Value field, set the config value to False.

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    If set to True, the Home Delivery Premium will be automatically checked when selecting Ground Home Delivery as the service type in the Shipment form).

  5. Click Save and Close to apply your changes.

Now, create an order ready for shipment. Open the SO from the Shipping module and in the Shipment form > Carrier Specific section, set Ground Home Delivery as the service type.  In the Other Options section, notice that the Home Delivery Premium is unchecked.

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Click on the Get Label button to process the shipment or select another FedEx special service you want to use for shipping your package (if preferred).


  • Friday, 10 May 2013