Enable Barcode Scanner


With the use of barcode scanner as an alternative way of searching the Sales Order or Invoice to be processed for shipment you can enable the following configurations to display the New Shipment form when option Shipment from SO or Shipment from INV is clicked under the New menu.

Note that once you click OK, this will automatically print the package label provided the following are properly setup:

  • Package label of the default carrier.
  • Weight is defined in the Item setup.

Otherwise, a message “ERROR: [6505] Weight - weight must be greater than 0 in RequestedPackage 1” will be displayed along with theShipment form. From there, you have to manually encode the weight under the Carrier Specific section and proceed with the remaining steps to complete the process.


If you are using barcode scanner during shipment, you have to activate Barcode.IsUseBarcodeScreen app config. To activate the barcode scanner:

  1. Go to Setup > Shipping Configuration button. The list of shipping configuration will then display.
  2. Search for Barcode.IsUseBarcodeScreen on the list of app config.
  3. Set the Value = TRUE.
  4. Click Save and Close button from the menu.
  5. From the Shipping module, select From SO or From INV button from the menu. The list of sales order or invoices will then display.
  6. If you have printed the picking ticket, scan the barcode at the top right portion. The sales order code will then be displayed on the scan barcode reference.
  7. Click OK. The Shipment Sales Orderwill then display. 

If you want to automatically complete shipment upon scanning the source document, you can make use of the Barcode.CompleteShipmentOnScan app config. Just make sure that the Barcode.IsUseBarcodeScreen is enabled to be able to complete the shipment.

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  • Friday, 12 October 2012