Enable Action Get Label Option


In Connected Business, you can enable additional actions after getting the label from your carrier such as automatically print it, preview or complete the transaction. You just need to configure this shipping configuration to enable these actions. Follow the steps below to start using this unique feature.



  1. Go to Setup > Shipping Configuration button. The list of shipping configuration will then display.
  2. Search for Default.ActionsOnGetLabel on the list of app config.
  3. Set the value to the following options (Default value is 0):
    1. 0 - None,
    2. 1 - Preview,
    3. 2 - Print,
    4. 3 - Print & Preview,
    5. 4 - Print and Close,
    6. 5 - Print and Complete.
  4. Click Save and Close button from the menu.
  5. From the Shipping module, select From SO or From INV button from the menu. The list of sales order or invoices will then display.
  6. On the shipment form, click Get Label button. The system will automatically do the option indicated in the shipping configuration. e.g. 1- Preview

If you want to automatically complete shipment upon scanning the source document, you can make use of the Barcode.CompleteShipmentOnScan app config. Just make sure that the Barcode.IsUseBarcodeScreen is enabled to be able to complete the shipment.

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  • Friday, 12 October 2012