Customize Business Intelligence Dashboard Controls


Business Intelligence is an important aspect for business; a tool for analyzing the overall performance of your business. This section will discuss on how you will be able to customize dashboard controls in the business intelligence dashboard.



  1. Right click on the dashboard menu to display the dashboard options and select New Business Intelligence. The multi-lingual description form will display.

  2. On the multi-lingual description form, specify the name of the business intelligence dashboard.
  3. The options to customize the dashboard controls for the business intelligence dashboard are:

    How to... Do this...
    Replace a Dashboard Control
    1. To replace a dashboard control from the list, right-click on the dashboard control and select the Replace option.
    2. Select the custom control in the list of registered plug-ins.
    Rename a Dashboard Control
    1. To rename a dashboard control, click on the Options pulldown in the upper right of the dashboard control and select Rename.
    2. In the Multilingual Description window, you may enter the description for each language currently used in Interprise Suite.
    Move Dashboard Controls To move dashboard controls, right-click on the dashboard control and select the Move buttons.
    Delete Dashboard Controls To delete a dashboard control, right-click on the dashboard control and select the Delete Dashboard.

    For more details about business intelligence, refer to: Manage Business Intelligence

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  • Wednesday, 12 December 2012