Create New Bank Detail



  1. Go to the Banking module > Bank > New Bank. The New Bank Wizard will be displayed.

  2. Click Next and you will be directed to the Bank Information page. Enter bank details such as Bank Name, Branch, Address, and all other applicable fields. Click Next.

  3. Enter details for your bank account. Provide the Bank Account Description, select the Bank Account Type and Account Code.

    In the Account Code drop down list, you can view only the accounts tagged as “Bank / Petty Cash Ac”. Note that you can assign an account code to only one bank account. You need to set up new account codes for new bank accounts.

  4. Select the Currency for the bank account.

    If the currency you need is not in the list, you can include other currencies by activating the preferred currency from Banking module > Multicurrency.
    See also
    : Multicurrency

  5. Enter the Overdraft amount allowed by the bank.

  6. Click Next then Finish to close the wizard. The Bank Detail form will be displayed where you can amend the bank information or add new bank accounts.



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  • Thursday, 25 October 2012