Configure System Preferences


System Preferences allows you to set general preferences to Connected Business. It allows you to configure certain functions of the System Manager to work better for your operations.

  1. From the System Manager > Setup > Preferences > System Preference. The System Preference form will be displayed.

  2. The following are the settings in the System Preference form and their descriptions:.

    General Settings Section



    Enable Audit Trail

    Shows the availability of the item in all warehouses

    Enable Text case Formatting

    When checked, the selected case formatting will apply to the input fields. The options are Normal Case, Title Case, UPPER CASE and lower case.

    Company Skin

    You may select a default skin for Interprise Suite. All users logged in to the company database will view Connected Business in the default skin. Each user can also set the default skin of their preference.
    See also: User Accounts

    Auto close printer dialog on selected option is printer

    When checked, the Print Dialog window will be automatically closed when the selected Destination option is Printer.

    Turn off printing notification

    When checked, all notifications will not be displayed during reports printing, sending of reports via fax or email and or print to file.

    Search Settings Section



    Number of Records to Search

    You may enter the default number of records to be searched in all search screens in Connected Business.

    Exception Set-up Section



    Error Log Format 

    Options to log system and transactions exceptions are: Database, XML and Event Log
    See More: Select How To Log Exceptions

    Error Log File Location 

    Specify the location where the XML log files are kept. Click on the ellipsis button to browse for a new location.

    Maximum Error Log  File (MB)

    Specify the maximum size limit (in MB) to log.

    Email All Error Logs

    Upon clicking the Send button,  the system will collate all error log files and send compressed file to vendor

    Company Fax Settings Section



    Register for an InterFAX account

    A link is available for registering for an InterFAX account online. Registration is required prior to using the fax feature in Connected Business. 

    Fax Server Provider

    After registering, enter Fax Server Provider to enable the fax feature in Connected Business.


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  • Monday, 26 November 2012