Assign Plug-in Dashboard Control


This section will discuss on how you will be able to add a new dashboard control into the dashboard page. Note though that the plug-in must be registered into Connected Business prior to adding the dashboard control in the form



  1. Right click on the dashboard menu to display the dashboard options.
  2. In the display options, select Assign Plug-in Dashboard. A list of registered plug-in dashboard controls is displayed. All dashboard controls are listed in the Dashboard tab.
  3. Select the dashboard control from the list to add to the dashboard page. Click OK.
  4. To rename the dashboard control, click on the Options pulldown from the header of the dashboard control and select Rename. The Multilingual Description window will display. Enter the description of the dashboard control and click Close to apply.
  5. You can expand or shrink the span of the dashboard control by clicking on the Increase/Decrease Row Span and the Increase/Decrease Column Span buttons from the dashboard control header.
  6. To move the dashboard control, right click on the dashboard control and select from the Move... options.

To remove a dashboard control, right click on the dashboard options. Select Delete Dashboard. Take note that only custom dashboards controls may be removed.


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  • Wednesday, 12 December 2012