Add Dashboard Page


This section will discuss on how to create and add a dashboard on every module of Connected Business. Learn how to do the arrange dashboards, rename it or even remove a customized dashboard.



  1. Right click on the dashboard header. The Multilingual Description window will display. You may change the description in the dashboard page using the Rename option.
  2. Enter the description for the new dashboard and click Close to apply.
  3. You may change the dashboard order in the Dashboard menu. To do this, right click on the Options in the header of the dashboard control and select Sort Order. The Customize Dashboard window will display. From this window, you may change the dashboard order and assign a display image.
  4. To arrange the dashboards, click on the list and click on the Up and Down buttons. Click Close button to apply.
  5. To assign a display image, select the dashboard in the list and select the Change Display Image option. Then, browse for the image.
  6. You may arrange the dashboard order in the Switch Dashboard menu. 

To remove a dashboard, right click on the dashboard header. Select Delete Dashboard in the options menu. Take note that only custom plug-in dashboards may be removed.


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  • Wednesday, 12 December 2012