Manage the Store

At this point, you now have a fully setup Connected Business eCommerce system that has one or more store site for advertising and selling your products and an admin site that uses the Connected Business’ interface to manage these. We may also assume that your store has already all the necessary settings in it to be accessible in the internet as well as being ready to conduct business to your customers.

But it does not stop there. In fact it’s just beginning.

At this state of your eCommerce system, it’s time for you to learn the steps on how orders are being made in the store and how this is being managed in eCommerce. Through this, the store admin is able to perform the proper steps in processing orders as well as made the appropriate response to the issues that may arise in the course of its process. Being well informed also on these issues, the administrator may be able to give sound advice to the customers on how they should conduct their purchases if they are at a loss.