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Hello All -

Trying to get the blog tied up to our site but having trouble finding the files to install that. Any tips? (My developer has told me the he things the file name is but we are not sure where to find it.

Any advice?

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Hello Friends -

If an order is placed for a product and shipped before an invoice is received from the vendor, does the profit on the order reflect the average cost at the point the order is invoiced?

Example: New product purchased for client. Client ordered and product was shipped before vendor bill was received. Average cost was $0.00 prior to the bill being entered. Order for client shows 100% profit. Is this normal?



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Hello -

I'm fairly new to CB but am having questions or challenges with refunds. When I create a refund for a RMA, it wants to refund the order at the current listed price not at the price that the order was charged at. Any way to change that setting?

An example is if someone pays $1.00 for a widget a month ago and we change our price to $0.75. When they are within the return perimeters and we go to make a refund, it wants to refund them only $0.75 rather than the $1.00 they paid.

How do I adjust the setting to automatically set the system up to refund at the dollar value the invoice with the RMA was charged at?