Dear Team CB ,

Under Normal Operations When an Invoice is printed it automatically prints the Accompanying DN for that Invoice which we use as proof of delivery to Customer.

Now, this is fine as long as the customer's Accounts Department Does not have an Issue with Multiple invoices for a Single Purchase Order. ( The Work Flow Would be as follows )

Sales Order ==========> Convereted to Partial invoice(1st Invoice ) =========> System Creates Corresponding BO ======> Customer Invoiced for Full materials(2nd Invoice )  ====> Order Closed .

 But Some of our customers Do not Accept Partial Invoices Against An Order. They Want to Have a Full INvoice and a Full DN  for the Single Purchase Order Issued by them. 

Is there a Memo Or a Document or a work Around in CB where we can have a document signed by the customer for partial Deliveries without Generating Multiple Invoices . and Once all deliveries are complete just Issue them a Single Invoice & DN multiple Deliveries with Proof of Receipt.

Any Thoughts and ideas Much Appreciated.