Dear Team CB ,

Under Normal Operations When an Invoice is printed it automatically prints the Accompanying DN for that Invoice which we use as proof of delivery to Customer.

Now, this is fine as long as the customer's Accounts Department Does not have an Issue with Multiple invoices for a Single Purchase Order. ( The Work Flow Would be as follows )

Sales Order ==========> Convereted to Partial invoice(1st Invoice ) =========> System Creates Corresponding BO ======> Customer Invoiced for Full materials(2nd Invoice )  ====> Order Closed .

 But Some of our customers Do not Accept Partial Invoices Against An Order. They Want to Have a Full INvoice and a Full DN  for the Single Purchase Order Issued by them. 

Is there a Memo Or a Document or a work Around in CB where we can have a document signed by the customer for partial Deliveries without Generating Multiple Invoices . and Once all deliveries are complete just Issue them a Single Invoice & DN multiple Deliveries with Proof of Receipt.

Any Thoughts and ideas Much Appreciated.


Dear Team CB,

Is there a way to issue items to a customer on a trial Basis (Client  Approval / Client Check on Site ), let us say that the customer wants to check the item Specs at the installation site or wants to make sure that it is a 100% fit in terms of installation at his/her Property and wants to take the items out of our store. Is there a way to issue a document to acknowledge this.

We usually create a Hand Written Note for this purpose, is there a way to do that in CB .   in Certain software this function is called ( Material Supply for  Approval ) 

Much appreciated.



Dear CB Community,

When adding a new item, we have to select a supplier in the setup module for each item, is it possible to have all items available from all suppliers.

The reason is that we have multiple suppliers who supply the same items and they add new products every now and then, which other suppliers may have provided us in the past.

How do we do this.

Najeeb .


Najeeb siddiqui created a new topic ' Payment Terms Update .' in the forum. 1 year ago

Dear Cb Community,

When editing / adding the Payment terms, the system issues a start date ( Current Date ) can this be changed to a previous date if not why so?

What do we need to do to upgrade the payment terms of existing customers from let's say 45Days to 30 days? I have added a couple of different payment terms but they are not shown in the individual customer information ... only the ones which were there when the customer was created are shown in the drop-down menu .. 

Am I missing something here?



Dear CB Community,

II was wondering what would be the best practice scenario to attaching the customer PO's as attachments to the customer invoices as well as signed delivery notes so they can be accessed in the same place quickly.

 What Format would be the best choice, Usually we receive these PO's in PDF format Ranging From 250Kb to 350 KB depending on different factors. My concerns are as follows 

1) Can We limit the file sizes to a certain Size so users don't accidentally attach large files?
2) Is there a place within CB where I can check my Attached File details and DB Size to check for any irregularities?
4) is there any automated or efficient way of doing this?
3) Are there any considerations i need to keep in mind while my users attach files ?

Any feedback will be highly Appreciated .


Dear Gary,

As per David , can this be implemented, also if this will settle date issue, will it fix the Time Issue as well.

The Other part where you have suggested changing the country Format Settings, Please note that I have changed that multiple times but the format does not replicate across the CB System.

Kindly advise 



Dear Fellow CBer's

We have recently Started using CB as a hosted Application by Cb ,

I am trying to see if someone else is facing the same issue or have a Practicle solution for This Situation.

1) Our Dates and Times are all displayed as The server Dates and Times ( even Formatting ) , When we enter dates it uses the Server Format , ( MM-DD-YYYY) where as we use the international Standard (DD-MM-YYYY) or even the long date as in ( Thursday 1st Of November , 2020 ) How do we sort this ( it is a major issue since time and Billing are all required to be standard from our Ministries and Govt Offices )

2) The telephone / Fax / Mobile Formats are still showing up in a wierd way even when these settings have been changed from the counrty Settins Etc , .... +(XX) XX XXX XX INstead of (+XXX ) XXXX XXXX

please Advise so i can fix this



Najeeb siddiqui replied to the topic 'Receiving Inventory' in the forum. 1 year ago

is this still valid or has bit been updated in the latest versions ?



Najeeb siddiqui replied to the topic 'new installation license' in the forum. 1 year ago

hi gary ,

it is version 19.1 , i am trying to install the standalone version at the moment just to see if that has the same problem , but i wish to test and use the server/client installation .


Najeeb siddiqui replied to the topic 'new installation license' in the forum. 2 years ago

Dear Team CB ,

I am also facing the same issue for the license expiration for the community edition, I have tried multiple times to create a new company and have repeatedly failed to log in after creation.

I am trying to attach the screenshots for the same, but for some reason, the attahment button doesn't respond , please advise how to continue.